How to install wordpress

Want to learn how you can install WordPress blog in simple steps? You are in the right place!

Before we jump into installation steps, you should understand bit better about why you need wordpress blog for your website and what you can do with wordpress blog.

WordPress is a super fantastic and powerful tool for blogging, but it won’t restrict you in customizing what you can achieve with it- you can build small to large websites with tons of information for your readers managed within a clean and powerful platform – you know the name šŸ™‚

Step by step WordPress installation guide

  1. Installing wordpress using Softaculous
  2. Installing wordpress using Fantastico
  3. Installing wordpress on localhost

Installing wordpress using Softaculous

How to win your first online job

A huge number of teenagers and youngsters are working online and the number is increasing very quickly especially in East Asia, but only cent percent people are able to mark their target and create a sustainable income from online jobs. Freelance sites like, odesk,com, etc are truly a great source to become an independent online worker and i am going to tell you what’s the best way to kick start earning from these sites.

1- Make sure your profile advertise your expertise

Remember, your online profile should highlight and advertise your expertise loudly! It is the first step towards making money online. Most people start applying for jobs with incomplete profiles and end up tired. A good profile is one that can win trust from prospective client, so spend time in writing your best words on it!

2- Write short but relevant job applications / cover letters

The biggest reason why people don’t get noticed on freelancing sites is that they don’t include relevant points in their cover letter! Copy paste cover letters are good enough to win a job, people still think that cheesy words with drag people to bank on them (which will never be the case).

I have been hiring people online and noticed that almost 90% applications that are received are crap, they are usually copied letters begging for job. To be among the short-listed 10% of applicants, you must highlight your experience, your interest and mention why you are a good fit for the job.

3- Ask relevant questions

I usually replied quickly to applicants that asked relevant questions (this is because i knew that have atleast took time to read the requirements). This doesn’t mean you necessarily need to ask questions in all applications.

4- MentionĀ time frameĀ for completing the job

You should include tentative time that would be required in finishing the required work. This is one of the most important concerns for anyone hiring online and will help your application to stand out from others. However, you need to ensure that you send reasonable time frame otherwise you be definitely standing out of the line! šŸ™‚

Facebook buying Whatsapp for $19B

Its a big news! Facebook is buying Whatsapp for $16 billion in cash and stocks and an additional $3 billion in restricted stock units for employee retention. You might be thinking that this is quite huge sum for a ‘just messaging app’, but the number of users it connects that matter!

The main reason for facebook to aquire this app is because of the number of users and the volume of messaging. The volume of messaging of Whatsapp is approaching the SMS volume of global telecom industry and it is adding 1 million new user per day. It has also been said that it will eventually connect more than 1 billion users in the foreseeable future.

The amount that facebook has agreed to pay for Whatsapp will be justified once it will get the hold and implement strategies that drives revenue and compliment facebook’s platform as well. This huge investment clearly shows facebook’s aim to be the leader in social connectivity.

Lets hope that this acquisition will bring great new features and updates to Whatsapp and will not blend the independent messaging idea with facebook messenger.

oDesk and Elance to merge

This must be a big news for freelancers working on odesk and elance. Both companies signed an agreement to merge, the news was aired on 20th December 2013.

The news took lime light on forums and social sites, it seems that most freelancers are showing concerns over the changes that this merger might bring in these platforms. Elance offers premium membership, purchased bids, preferential bids etc while odesk has a flat structure for charges. According to the agreement elance CEO Fabio Rosati will lead the new company while odesk CEO will take on the role of strategic adviser.

The merger would allow them to expanded services being offered and will attract more business, stated by Fabio in an interview.

Basic SEO tips for bloggers and webmasters

If you are looking to launch a new blog / website or have recently launched one, you must consider several SEO tips that will improve visibility of your website in search engines.Ā Consider below given SEO tips and prepare a checklist before you throw your website in the air.

1- Shortlisting relevant keywords

This is the most important point! You must do a research on all keywords that are relevant to your site and prepare a list of handful keywords that are most relevant. This will help you populate your keywords on website in content, title etc.

2- Optimize page titles & description

Google and other search engines give a shared importance to page titles and description. Think of titles and descriptions as the smell of a flower, you will only notice a flower if you first like its smell. You should use content relevant keywords to optimize titles and description (this never means that you repeat keywords – don’t make it look spammy!).

Search engines tend to give importance to first 60 characters of page title and 160 characters of page description, keep them short yet healthy.

3- SEO friendly URLs

Make sure you use your shortlisted keywords in urls as well, here is the example [ĀĀ ], this url clearly specifies the page content title and have keywords that are relevant. You may be thinking why I have used “-” in url, it is because search engines considers “-” a word separator and allows them to identify different words.

There is no harm in adding file extensions in rule (html, php etc), it is almost equally seo friendly.

4- Use headings (h1, h2, h3) and text tags

Search engines give more importance to the text within heading tags, its good idea to usey keywords in headings. You should also use <strong> tag to highlight important words, search engine will give more importance to these words (upto 5 times more than other text).

5- Anchor text in links

You should write relevant in anchors rather than a simple click here (or similar statements. An example of an optimized link is here [ What is SEO ], this links includes relevant keyword of the linked page and is also seo friendly. Make sure to do this for all links!

6- Content

Above all, you need to have a content that will work for users and search engines. Best way to have a useful content it to write it for users and optimize for search engines (anything solely written for search engines will never bring you traffic in the long run).

Apply them all and you will be heading in the right direction of you website’s SEO.

What is SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving visibility of websites by organic (un-paid) means in search engines. SEO helps in driving content specific traffic to websites. The rule of thumb is, the better the rank a website has in search results, the more traffic it will receive.

Understanding SEO

Inorder to SEO, it can be broken down into On-Page and Off-Page optimization. On-page SEO refers to optimizing the site internally; it involves optimizing and editing page titles, meta-tags, content, urls, inbound links etc. Off-page SEO, the other hand refers to external backlinks, social media integration etc. Both aspects are almost equally responsible in manipulating the search results and therefore must be considered.

If you are looking to learn more and get started with SEO, you can follow our articleĀ BasicĀ SEO tipsĀ that will help you get started.

What is wordpress and why it is free?

WordPress is one of the finest blogging tool and content management systems (CMS). You will see many small to large blogging and content related sites built around it, not only this but webmasters have successfully customized it to work for niche sites as well. According to the statistics published by the wordpress team itself, nearly 25% of all new sites are being built on it.

Why wordpress is free?

Your mind might be prompting a question, if wordpress is such a huge success why the people behind its foundation are not selling or charging for its usage. The answer is actually quite simple, even though the core team of developers who leads wordpress but there are thousands of other developers have contributed to make it a huge success by fixings bugs, suggesting features etc.

It will remain free to be used and customized however you will have copyright to the plugins, themes and functionalities that are developed by yourself.